ID YOUR IRD is a genetic testing initiative ("the Initiative") supported by Spark Therapeutics, Inc. Your participation in the Initiative and use of Spark Therapeutics content and services is subject to the terms of the agreement between you and Spark Therapeutics set forth in these Initiative Terms and Conditions, which incorporate by reference the Spark Therapeutics general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may accept these Initiative Terms and Conditions by signing the authorization provided by your healthcare professional to participate in genetic testing and share your genetic test results with Spark Therapeutics. You may not participate in the Initiative if you do not accept these Initiative Terms and Conditions.

To be eligible to participate in the Initiative, you must (1) be a US resident at the time you are tested and receive your test results; (2) have a type of inherited retinal disease (IRD) that makes you eligible for the Initiative as determined by your healthcare professional; (3) have the approval of your healthcare professional to have the genetic test; and (4) authorize in writing that your healthcare professional and the genetic testing laboratory selected by Spark Therapeutics may test the genetic sample you provide and share your name, contact information and information regarding your condition, diagnoses, and results of your genetic testing (collectively, "Your Information") with Spark Therapeutics. If you are under the age of 18, you must have the approval of your legal guardian to participate in the Initiative.

The genetic test provided under the Initiative requires you to provide a saliva or blood sample to your healthcare professional. Your sample will be analyzed by a genetic testing company selected by Spark Therapeutics, and the results will be provided to your healthcare professional and to Spark Therapeutics. The genetic testing company that performs the test is independent from Spark Therapeutics and Spark Therapeutics has no control over or influence on how the test is conducted. You understand and agree that by participating in the Initiative, Spark Therapeutics will process, use and disclose Your Information only as permitted by your written authorization and the Spark Therapeutics Privacy Policy.

Through the Initiative, you will be offered an optional opportunity to discuss your genetic test results by telephone with a genetic counselor. If you choose this option, any advice provided by the counselor is independent of Spark.

If you choose to participate in the Initiative, you will not be responsible for the costs of the genetic test itself or genetic counseling offered under the Initiative. Please be aware, however, that you will be responsible for any other costs that may be incurred as a result of participating in the Initiative, including but not limited to the costs of visits or consultations with your healthcare professional in connection with the genetic test or the testing results.

The Initiative and any content or services provided by Spark Therapeutics are for informational and educational use only. The Initiative does not test for every gene mutation, nor are the results of the testing performed in connection with the Initiative intended to be comprehensive. The results of the genetic test provided to your healthcare provider by the testing company may be: (1) positive (if the gene associated with the IRD has been identified by the test); (2) negative (if no genetic cause of the IRD has been identified by the test); or (3) inconclusive (if the test identified a genetic mutation, but it is unknown whether the identified mutation causes an IRD). You should consult with your own healthcare professionals about your diagnoses, genetic testing, and genetic testing results. Spark Therapeutics does not provide medical advice, and the results of the Initiative are not intended to be used by you for any diagnostic purpose or as a substitute for professional medical advice. Spark Therapeutics does not endorse, warranty, or guarantee the effectiveness of any specific course of action, resources, tests, physicians or other healthcare professionals, drugs, biologics, medical devices, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be offered to you or become available to you through the Initiative. Reliance on any information provided by Spark Therapeutics is solely at your own risk.

By participating in the Initiative, you understand and agree that you acquire no rights in any research or commercial products that may be developed by Spark Therapeutics and/or its collaborating partners. You specifically understand that you will not receive compensation for any research or commercial products that include or result from Your Information.